Sneak preview of “Unweaving the circuitry of human disease”

Veronica Meade-Kelly, July 19th, 2013

Midsummer Nights’ Science continues next week with the “Unweaving the circuitry of human disease,” the third lecture in this year’s series. Broad associate member Manolis Kellis will be speaking at the July 24 event, discussing current efforts to build high-resolution activity maps of gene and regulatory regions across hundreds of cell types. These maps are bringing the genome to life, revealing possible culprits in human disease, and exposing the circuitry likely responsible when the genome’s regulatory system goes wrong.

In this video preview, Kellis offers a sneak peek of his upcoming talk, which will trace the progress scientists have made mapping the human genome, and will show how these maps are being used to find potential targets for effective therapeutics.

Registration for this free, public lecture series is now closed, as enrollment for the remaining talks has reached capacity.

If you can’t attend Midsummer Nights’ Science in person, but want to follow the conversation, look for us on Twitter. We will be live tweeting each event (hashtag: #broadtalks). We will also post a video of each talk in its entirety on our YouTube channel in the days following the event.

Video by Lars-Erik Siren, Broad Communications