Sneak preview of “Regeneration of missing body parts: lessons from flatworms”

Haley Bridger, July 19th, 2012

Peter Reddien gives us a sneak preview of his upcoming Midsummer Nights’ Science lecture, which he will give on July 25. As Peter explains in the video below, planarians – a kind of flatworm – possess an amazing ability. They can regenerate new heads, or any other missing body part, after injury. Peter and his colleagues are trying to understand how these amazing feats of regeneration happen. Watch the video below to hear more.

Registration for the 2012 Midsummer Nights’ Science series is now full, but follow along on twitter @broadinstitute on Wednesday night – we will be live tweeting, using the hashtag #broadtalks. We’ll also be posting all of the videos from the series on the Broad Institute’s YouTube channel (where you can already check out Paul Blainey’s talk from last week).

Update August 9: Peter Reddien's full Midsummer Nights' Science lecture is now available on the Broad Institute's YouTube channel and our website.


Video courtesy of Lars-Erik Sirén, Nick Dua, & Harrison Dreves