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Veronica Meade-Kelly, May 23rd, 2014

In the coming months, a new video series on the Broad’s popular YouTube channel will introduce viewers to published research – from the scientist’s perspective. In each installment of the “Broad Paper Vids” series, institute researchers will describe the exciting scientific discoveries that have made their way from the Broad to the pages of respected scientific journals.

In the series pilot, Broad researcher Elinor Karlsson explains how the technological revolution in genomics is helping researchers understand the “biological ‘arms race’ between microbial pathogens and humans.”

Karlsson is a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Pardis Sabeti, a senior associate member of the Broad and an associate professor at the Center for Systems Biology at Harvard University. Karlsson and Sabeti, along with co-author Dominic Kwiatkowski of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Centre for Human Genetics, recently wrote the paper, “Natural selection and infectious disease in human populations,” for Nature Reviews Genetics.

Learn more in this Broad Paper Vid: