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Community Guidelines

The BroadMinded Blog aims to provide an interactive forum for the public to learn more about the science, culture and life of the Broad Institute.

The guidelines listed below offer a brief overview of what it means to be a part our new community. As a member of this community, you have the opportunity to “hear” from — and respond to — a variety of contributors throughout this blog. While these voices are integral to the diverse and vibrant culture that permeates our organization, please note that any views expressed are the blog contributors’ alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Broad Institute.

Also, please note that by joining this “BroadMinded” group, you agree to abide by the following guidelines as well as our Terms of Use.

First and foremost

Please be respectful and mindful of the diversity of opinions that permeate our community. Any comments posted to our blog should be congenial in tone and relevant to the overall topic being discussed. Comments that are inflammatory, insulting, off-topic or otherwise in violation of our Terms of Use will be permanently removed.

Please do…

Visit often. The Broad is a fast-paced and dynamic place, so we plan to post something new every day (Monday through Friday, and possibly even on weekends.)

Share with others. Like the Broad Institute itself, this blog is a community of people and their ideas. Let us know what you think!

Ask questions. Ultimately, science is about inquiry. If you read something — here or maybe even elsewhere — that you don’t understand, ask us. We plan to feature readers’ questions, and the answers, on a regular basis. Click on to send us your questions.

Please don’t…

Attack an individual, group or organization. This is a forum for learning, not for airing grievances or slinging insults.

Stray off-topic. When posting your comment, stick to the subject at hand. If you have a question about a related — or unrelated — topic, feel free to send it to us by emailing

Seek — or offer — medical advice. Although the Broad is deeply engaged in transforming medicine, we are not a clinical organization. That means we do not treat patients and are unable provide medical counsel.

And remember…

By posting comments to our blog, you agree to our Terms of Use.  Moreover, if you participate in our blog on behalf of your employer, organization or company, they are also bound by our Terms of Use.

Although we aim to facilitate an open and uninterrupted dialog, we reserve the right to delete and/or remove comments that violate our Terms of Use.

If you encounter a comment that you feel violates our Terms of Use, please let us know via the Report Abuse