Broad in the news: Ted Stanley’s extraordinary commitment to psychiatric research

Paul Goldsmith, July 25th, 2014
  • The Stanley commitment was announced in a live broadcast event
    on July 22. Photo by David Fox

On Tuesday, July 22, the Broad Institute announced an unprecedented commitment of $650 million from philanthropist Ted Stanley to support psychiatric research. Stanley’s gift – the largest ever in psychiatric research and among the largest for scientific research in general – generated a great deal of coverage in the media.

In addition, the announcement of Stanley’s commitment coincided with the publication of a paper in which Broad researchers and a team of international collaborators revealed the discovery of more than 100 regions of the human genome associated with the risk of developing schizophrenia. These findings may point the way to biological mechanisms and pathways, and could eventually lead to new therapeutic approaches.

You can find out more about Ted Stanley, his commitment, and the breakthrough findings announced this week on the Broad Institute’s BroadLive landing page and the following outlets.

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