Staples High School
Westport, CT

Ami Levy Moonshine, Laura Gauthier, Bertrand Haas
Data Sciences & Data Engineering

Zach has been interested in science for as long as he can remember. During his summer at the Broad, he examined a set of machine learning methods to classify potential genetic variations as true variants or false positives. “The DNA sequencing process produces data with errors – misread bases and misplaced subsequences – and these errors must be distinguished from true mutations so that scientists can discover the genetic links to various phenotypic traits,” said Zach.

Before coming to the Broad, Zach had considered focusing primarily on mathematics during his undergraduate studies, but after his summer research experience he now wants to study science and gain additional experience in college. He enjoyed the excitement of working on real scientific problems, and thought that the casual atmosphere at the Broad encouraged great collaborative opportunities between team members.