The Roxbury Latin School
West Roxbury, MA

Jon Madison
Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research

Yanson applied to the Broad Summer Scholars Program because he wanted to spend his summer doing something worthwhile and important. He felt that the Broad would challenge him to expand beyond his comfort zone and he would gain a great deal of scientific understanding from the experience.

Yanson worked on a project studying potential substrates of UFL1, an E3 ligase implicated in schizophrenia and migraines. The goal of the research was to understand how this particular molecule and its substrates play a role in the development of these neuropsychiatric and neurological diseases, and to open avenues for possible new therapies.

Yanson’s favorite part of working at Broad was the diversity of perspectives and experience that he encountered every day. The Summer Scholars Program confirmed his desire to pursue a career in science.