Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Cambridge, MA

Andrew Allen
Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research

After excelling in her high school chemistry class, Tess was inspired to apply for the Broad Summer Scholars Program to experience hands-on research. She spent the summer working in the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research to study voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which are critical for nervous system function. Her project focused on analyzing the protein interactions regulating VGCCs, which may help understand the role of specific genetic variants in neuropsychiatric disorders.

Tess felt that contributing to research focused on exploring potential causes of schizophrenia was deeply rewarding. She was inspired by her motivated peers and grateful to work with such a patient and supportive mentor. “Most of all, I loved the opportunity to work in a real lab trying to solve real problems. I learned what it’s like to work as a scientist and discovered that it’s probably a real fit for me, which I would never have known without the Broad,” said Tess. This experience has inspired Tess to pursue additional opportunities in science and has made her more confident about the possibility of pursuing a scientific career.