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Stephen Johnston


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Stephen Johnston, Ph.D.

Stephen Johnston is the associate director of operations at the Center for the Development of Therapeutics (CDoT) of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He works with the scientific groups and therapeutic projects within CDoT to best enable their scientific work by collaboratively looking at projects and the center's people, space, finances, and other operational and strategic needs. He also leads the Compound Management and Laboratory Automation scientific functions.

Johnston’s primary scientific areas of expertise are liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry of small molecules, purity assessment and purification, ADME, and maintenance and repair of analytical instrumentation. He has additional expertise in pharmacokinetics and high-throughput screening with mass spectrometric detection. He was part of the organizing committee for the annual Boston Society HT-ADME conference from 2015 to 2019, chairing the conference in 2019.

Johnston received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Davidson College, followed by a doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He joined the Broad Institute in 2007. He is currently studying for an M.B.A. at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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February 2021