Soonwook Choi

Soonwook Choi, Ph.D.

Soonwook Choi

Soonwook Choi is a research scientist I in the neurobiology and model systems group of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where he works under the direction of Guoping Feng. Choi uses diverse in vivo electrophysiology techniques to monitor oscillatory rhythms in genetically modified neural circuits to find the molecular and/or electrophysiological explanations for how abnormal neural oscillations are generated, and how neural oscillations are related to altered brain functions and behavioral symptoms.

Prior to joining the Broad Institute in March 2017, Choi earned his B.A. and M.A. in biochemistry at Hanyang University and went on to earn his Ph.D. in neuroscience from University of Science and Technology-Korea Institute of Science and Technology joint graduate program in South Korea. He completed postdoctoral training in neuroscience at New York University School of Medicine, researching the role of P/Q-type and T-type calcium channels in neural circuits. During this time, he had a 2-year appointment as a visiting research fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory of the University of Chicago.

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February 2018