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Shuba Gopal

Porter, A. and Gopal, S. 2018. “Assessing Our Workplace: Part I – Gender.” Whitepaper on equity and representation of women at the Broad Institute.

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Shuba Gopal, Ph.D.

Shuba Gopal is a data scientist and senior people scientist in Human Resources at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She is developing data-driven approaches to enable scientists to excel at their work. Her interests include developing novel approaches to answer questions related to equity, diversity, and inclusion among underrepresented populations in biomedical science (e.g., women, persons with disabilities, certain race/ethnicities). She also studies approaches that can enable every scientific collaboration to be successful.

Previously, she was a computational biologist in the Metabolomics Platform and in the Genetic Perturbation Platform at Broad. In both of those roles, Gopal analyzed data from high throughput methods including liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and large-scale shRNA screens to identify biomarkers and critical dependencies in a variety of disease states.

Gopal’s experience and capabilities include developing novel algorithms and statistical methods to develop recommendations that ensure high employee engagement, diverse hiring practices, and increasing perceived inclusion in the workplace. Previously, her work included identifying signals predictive of disease states; integrating and visualizing multidimensional data to discern associations with clinically relevant outcomes; and leading complex projects involving multidisciplinary teams. Her work was recognized with a Broad Excellence and Achievement award in 2014.

Gopal earned her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and her Ph.D. in computational genomics from Rockefeller University. She taught bioinformatics at the Rochester Institute of Technology for five years prior to joining the Broad Institute in 2009.

You can contact Gopal via email at shuba [@]

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