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Shantanu Singh


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Shantanu Singh, Ph.D.

Shantanu Singh is a senior group leader in the Imaging Platform at the Broad Institute. He leads a data science group that develops computational and statistical methods to create fingerprints of genes, chemicals, and diseases from microscopy images of cells. Using assays like Cell Painting that capture a broad range of their morphological properties, cellular populations are characterized at single-cell resolution to discover similarities and differences among treatments. This work has the potential to transform how both the targets and therapies for disease are identified.

After completing his Ph.D. at Ohio State in computer science, Shantanu joined the Imaging Platform, inspired by the group’s vision to make cell morphology as computable as genomes. He has previously worked in research groups at Mercedes-Benz R&D, GE Global Research, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he applied computer vision and machine learning techniques to a wide range of problems in road safety, cell biology, and geospatial imaging.

May 2018