Wellesley High School
Wellesley, MA

John Davis
Cancer Program

Savitri contributed to the Broad’s Connectivity Map project (CMap), which aims to create signatures that elucidate the relationships between genes, disease states and perturbations. Savitri helped generate large scale, multiplexed gene expression and cell viability data using the L1000 and PRISM systems developed at the Broad. The L1000 system employs a core set of genes to indirectly assess total cellular gene expression, while PRISM enables high-throughput analysis of cell viability.  Together, both pipelines allow investigators to uncover the comprehensive cellular response to numerous perturbations, be it pharmaceutical or pathological. 

“This summer revealed the depth and breadth of STEM fields to me. I had never been more aware of the richness of the scientific field, or more aware of how much I have left to learn,” said Savitri. Her favorite part about working at the Broad was the passion everyone had for science. She felt people were eager to learn about her work, and explain their own, which deepened her understanding of her own project and science in general.