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Sara Garamszegi


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Sara Garamszegi, Ph.D.

Sara Garamszegi is a project manager in the Genomics Platform of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where she works under the direction of Jane Wilkinson. Her overarching career goal has been to facilitate science: to identify a need in the scientific community and to help other scientists’ plans come to fruition. As a project manager in the Genomics Platform, Garamszegi manages a portfolio of external, commercial, and collaborative projects. She helps collaborators identify their unique project needs and guides them through the process of sequencing at the Broad Institute.

Garamszegi joined the Broad Institute in 2014 as a bioinformatics scientist in the Cancer Program after completing her doctorate in bioinformatics at Boston University, during which she received a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship. In this post, she worked on GenomeSpace, an open-source platform that facilitates integrative genomics analyses using a web-based interface that connects multiple bioinformatics desktop tools, web-based applications, visualizers, and data resources. She moved into her current position in April 2017.

Garamszegi is also a fellow of the Broad Research Communication Lab, a role that allows her to help other Broad staff improve their scientific communication skills with one-on-one coaching.

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February 2018