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Puneet Batra

Puneet Batra, Ph.D.

Puneet Batra is a machine learning scientist, software engineer, and physicist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Batra co-leads the Machine Learning For Health group at the Broad, which creates new machine learning tools to drive biological discovery and clinical impact.

After a successful academic career as a theoretical particle physicist, Batra decided to move to Silicon Valley to work on the emerging data problem of our time: how do we derive meaning from the vast amounts of data captured by the internet? Working across multiple domains, including healthcare and spatial analyses, Batra became a pioneering entrepreneur and data scientist known for building world-class teams and scalable data infrastructures. Batra joined the Broad in 2019 to tackle the next great data problem of our time: how do we apply machine learning on the vast rams of clinical and genomic data to drive breakthroughs in how we prevent, diagnose, and treat disease?

Batra completed his B.A. in physics at Harvard University and has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Stanford University.

March 2021