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Patrick Vigneault

Patrick Vigneault

Patrick Vigneault is a research scientist II in the Precision Cardiology Laboratory (PCL) of the Broad Institute and Bayer. His current work aims at better understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the progression of heart diseases to enable the discovery of novel precision medicine drug targets.

Vigneault aspires to leverage his expertise in cardiovascular biology to transform the lives of people through development of breakthrough medicines. Prior to joining the PCL, Vigneault worked within the cardiovascular cell biology group at BioMarin Pharmaceutical, where he conceived strategies and implemented cell-based models of inherited cardiac diseases to provide preclinical proof-of-concept data and guide the development of gene therapy for cardiomyopathies.

Vigneault obtained his Ph.D. from the Université de Montréal under the guidance of Stanley Nattel. His work focused on unraveling the functional role of calcium-activated potassium channels in undifferentiated cardiac-derived stem cells with the hope of gaining novel insights into the mechanisms controlling their regenerative properties. He then completed a joint postdoctoral fellowship program between Amgen and the University of Southern California. Vigneault also holds a M.S. in pharmaceutical sciences from the Université Laval. 

September 2022