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Oivin Guicherit

Oivin Guicherit, Ph.D.

Oivin Guicherit is the director of translational pharmacology within the Center for the Development of Therapeutics (CDoT) at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. His team will support the discovery, validation, and optimization of therapeutics using cell-based approaches. 
Guicherit brings to CDoT more than 20 years of experience in the biopharma industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and contract research organizations. His primary areas of expertise are development, drug discovery and screening, lead optimization, and in vitro pharmacology in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and stem cell biology.
Prior to coming to the Broad, Guicherit led discovery research teams in multiple companies, including SanBio (cell therapy), StemoniX (induced pluripotent stem cell biology), Janssen-J&J (immunology, neuroscience), Regulus (oligo-therapeutics), Pfizer (oncology), and Curis (oncology). At Curis he was the group leader for the Hedgehog Antagonist Program, which partnered with Genentech and resulted in the first drug for hedgehog inhibition on the market. 
Guicherit holds a M.Sc. in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX), where he studied the transcriptional and metabolic regulation of a muscle-specific enzyme. He completed his postdoctoral training at Stanford University in the molecular pharmacology department.
July 2022