National Junior College

Brendan D’Souza
Postdoctoral Associate

Michael Serrano-Wu
Director, Preclinical Development

Nicole was encouraged by many of her teachers to seek out research opportunities in order to gain hands-on experience in science. She decided to participate in the Summer Scholars Program for the opportunity to work at an organization known for being a trailblazer in the field of genomic medicine.

Nicole worked on the synthesis and identification of cysteine-active small molecules in the hopes of developing a possible inhibitor for the MCL-1 protein, often overexpressed in cancer cells. She felt her work expanded her horizons regarding the field of biology and taught her that interdisciplinary research is often necessary to achieve difficult scientific goals.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys playing with her pets and experimenting with new cuisines. She also enjoys watching all kinds of documentaries, her favorites being Monsters Inside Me and Dog Whisperer.