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Myriam Heiman

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Please credit: Maria Nemchuk, Broad Institute

Myriam Heiman , Ph.D.

Myriam Heiman joined the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard as a core member in January 2011 with an interest in identifying the features that define different types of neurons and determine their vulnerability to disease. Heiman came to the Broad from The Rockefeller University where she was a postdoctoral researcher since 2003. Her postdoctoral work combined genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology to tackle the problem of cell identity in the diverse environment of the nervous system. There she developed a method to investigate what is being done by particular types of cells at particular times — during normal function and in diseased states. At the Broad, Heiman applies the approach to neurodegenerative and psychiatric disease.

In addition to her position at the Broad, Heiman is an assistant professor in the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and a member of the Picower Institute of Learning and Memory.

Heiman received her B.A. in molecular biology from Princeton University and her Ph.D. in biology from The Johns Hopkins University.

April 2012