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Lucienne Ronco

Lucienne Ronco, Ph.D.

Lucienne Ronco joined the Broad Institute in 2012 as a director within the Therapeutics Projects Group.

Ronco brings extensive knowledge of drug discovery and development. Before coming to the Broad, she was Global Director of Translational Science for AstraZeneca Oncology and Director of Discovery Research for the Waltham Oncology group. In these roles she was responsible for strategy and execution of early discovery activities and for all aspects of translational research supporting the AstraZeneca oncology portfolio.

In addition to her work at AstraZeneca, Ronco was vice president of research at Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company with a portfolio of investigational new medicines for the treatment of inflammatory, immunologic, and metabolic diseases.

Ronco received her B.S. in biology and environmental studies from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from the University of California Los Angeles. She did postdoctoral research focused on the transforming properties of human papilloma virus in the Pathology Department at Harvard Medical School.

May 2013