Sharon High School
Sharon, MA

Oni Basu
Regev Lab

Lasya became passionate about the life science after volunteering at several hospitals where she observed technology and research driving medical innovation and treatment. She wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current research efforts in biomedicine through the Broad Summer Scholars Program, especially the structured, scientific approaches used to investigate relevant problems. She was excited to learn from world-class scientists at the Broad by interacting with them and receiving feedback about her work.

Lasya worked in the Broad’s cell circuits program to identify methods of controlling harmful yeast infections in human hosts. She focused on testing how a biopolymer gel substrate could help control an infection, either by aiding immune cell response or suppressing the infection itself. Her research employed the use of microfluidics, a cutting-edge field that applies concepts of fluid mechanics to manipulate and isolate living cells in extremely small drops of liquid.

Lasya enjoyed interacting with an experienced, accomplished scientific community. “I enjoyed meeting and exchanging ideas about current research and forthcoming challenges in biomedicine with my mentors and bright, motivated peers. Additionally, being able to apply my knowledge from school to an extremely common, real-world problem and seeing the science in action has been extremely exciting, motivating, and inspiring,” said Lasya. This experience has strengthened her determination to pursue a career in biomedical research and attend medical school.