Trinity College Senior
Gawler, South Australia

Anne Carpenter
Director, Imaging Platform

Lachlan’s interest in science stems from his desire to become a medical professional. Although he has come to love all disciplines of science, biology is his favorite due to its direct real-life implementation. His previous research experience was limited to wet-lab work in biology or chemistry laboratories. Interning at the Broad was his first time experiencing computational biology of any kind, which he felt greatly expanded his knowledge and taught him a range of valuable computer skills.

Lachlan worked on characterizing novel fluorescent dyes for cell cycle analysis. He used image analysis software called CellProfiler to analyze movies of cells stained with these dyes, to identify the stages of the cell cycle they marked. "Undertaking research at the Broad is an awesome experience. You are able to experience cutting edge technology, and be at the forefront of scientific exploration alongside some of the world's best scientists,” said Lachlan. In his spare time, Lachlan loves to play cricket and Australian football. He is also a talented distance runner and cyclist, competing in duathlons and triathlons.