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Kathleen Yates

Kathleen Yates

Kathleen Yates co-leads the Tumor Immunotherapy Discovery Engine (TIDE) project in the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The TIDE project uses in vivo functional genomics to identify new therapeutic targets for combination with existing immunotherapies and to determine the mechanisms by which tumors evade immunotherapy. Yates is interested in applying systems biology approaches and modern genetic tools to the field of cancer immunology to understand why immunotherapy fails and how we can use that information to improve patient care.

Yates trained in Nicholas Haining’s lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, studying T cell exhaustion in chronic viral infection and cancer, before joining the Broad Institute in 2019. She was inspired to pursue immunology after studying innate host responses to HIV infection at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. 

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February 2020