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Karsten Krug

Karsten Krug, Dr. rer. nat.

Karsten Krug is a senior computational scientist in the Proteomics Platform at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard under direction of DR Mani and Steve Carr. His work focuses on the development and application of computational tools to analyze proteomic data including post-translational modification. A special focus of his research lies on the integrative analysis of data derived from multiple omics platforms.  

As a Ph.D. student at the Proteome Center in Tuebingen, Germany, Krug gained extensive experience in the analysis of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics data. In his Ph.D thesis, he focused on the integration of genomics and proteomics data, referred to as proteogenomics, for which he developed data analysis pipelines to map proteomics data onto prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes in order to refine their annotation. As a postdoctoral researcher, Krug studied how non-synonymous genetic aberrations can be detected at the proteome level using MS-based proteomics by generating personalized sequence databases from RNA-seq data. 

At the Broad Institute, he focused on integrating quantitative readouts derived from different omics platforms, including proteomics, RNA-seq and DNA-seq (whole exome sequencing (WXS), whole genome sequencing (WGS)). As part of the NCI Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) he developed innovative algorithms, tools, and pipelines for integrative multi-omics clustering and phosphorylation site-specific pathway analysis, which are routinely applied to various cancer datasets.

Krug joined the Broad Institute in 2015 after having worked as a staff scientist and lecturer at the Proteome Center of the University of Tuebingen. He received the degree “doctor of natural science” (Dr. rer. nat., equivalent to Ph.D.) from the University of Tuebingen in 2013.


February 2021