Juan Pablo

Juan Lorenzo B. Pablo, Ph.D.

Juan Pablo

Juan “Juanchi” Pablo is associate director of the lab of institute member Anna Greka at the Broad Institute, which focuses on cellular responses to protein and lipid stress. Pablo manages day-to-day scientific efforts, troubleshoots experiments with colleagues, and brainstorms with them on future directions. He enjoys nothing more than the spontaneous daily interactions with his colleagues in which data is discussed to support or debunk hypotheses. In his spare time, Pablo also continues to investigate neuronal ion channels in collaboration with Jen Pan at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research.

Prior to joining the Broad Institute in 2017, Pablo conducted postdoctoral research with David Clapham (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Pablo obtained a Ph.D. in neurobiology along with a certificate in cell and molecular biology from Duke University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and biotechnology from the University of the Philippines.

Contact Juanchi Pablo via email at jpablo@broadinstitute.org.

August 2023