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Joshua Sacher

Joshua Sacher, Ph.D.

Joshua Sacher is a medicinal chemist in the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at Broad Institute. Sacher uses his training in synthetic and medicinal chemistry to contribute to his team’s goal of finding small-molecule treatments for psychiatric diseases. His specific tasks include performing chemical synthesis of target compounds, then using biological data to refine therapeutic targets. In addition, as part of a training program established with INSA Rouen and CPE Lyon in France, Sacher supervises two interns each year.

Sacher received his B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Delaware and obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry at Pennsylvania State University under the supervision of Steve Weinreb. His postdoctoral training in chemistry was undertaken at the University of Pittsburgh in the lab of Peter Wipf. He joined the Broad Institute in 2014.

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October 2015