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Josep Mercader

Josep Mercader, Ph.D.

Josep M. Mercader is a group leader at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and a research fellow at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. His research focuses on the discovery of genetic variation associated with type 2 diabetes and related traits, their functional characterization, and the translation of genetic findings to the clinic.

As a scientist at the Broad Institute, he has played leadership roles in the analysis of large-scale genetic datasets for the discovery of novel T2D-related genetic variants, through genome-wide association studies and whole-exome association studies, with a focus on diverse populations. He has contributed to characterization of the molecular mechanisms behind several genetic associations by integrating genetic data from functional genomics datasets and analysis of regulatory variation in pancreatic islets. His current research focuses on disentangling the molecular and physiological mechanisms leading to an increased genetic risk for T2D, either through specific large effect genetic variants or through studying individuals at the tails of polygenic scores.

April 2022