Jonathan Rosand

Jonathan Rosand, M.D.

Jonathan Rosand

Jonathan Rosand is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, where he is the J. Philip Kistler Neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Chief of the Division of Neurocritical Care and Emergency Neurology. Following post-doctoral research training in genetics and clinical investigation, Jonathan established a multi-disciplinary research group within the MGH Center for Human Genetic Research and the Broad Institute. He now combines research with an active practice as a vascular and critical care neurologist.

Focusing on the characterization of hospital-based cohorts of patients with cerebrovascular disease, Jonathan’s group has made fundamental discoveries about the biology and clinical course of stroke. They and their collaborators have identified a range of inherited genetic variants that alter the risk as well as severity of strokes. Such observations are the basis for their follow-up investigations of new biological pathways that underlie stroke, a crucial step toward the development of novel life-saving treatments.

The success of his group has been driven by the global collaborations it maintains and the outstanding junior investigators it continues to attract. Jonathan brought together the team that established the International Stroke Genetics Consortium in 2007 at the Broad Institute, and he has served as a leader within the ISGC ever since.

Jonathan completed an undergraduate degree in Greek and Latin, followed by his medical degree at Columbia University. He then served as intern, resident, chief resident and fellow at MGH.

February 2015