Boston Latin School
Boston, MA

Pratiti Bandopadhayay and Ryan O'Rourke
Cancer Program

Jimmy applied to the Broad Summer Scholars Program because he had a strong interest in scientific research, especially related to cancer. He thought it would be an excellent place for him to grow as a scientist and see first-hand what a career in science would be like.

Jimmy studied the implication of the PIK3 pathway in cancer cell resistance to a new, experimental cancer drug called JQ1. The drug is used to treat aggressive brain cancers in young children, for which there are currently no totally safe or effective therapies. Jimmy’s goal was to determine whether or not the PIK3 pathway played any role in the development of resistance to the JQ1 drug by certain cancer cells. His work has brought researchers one step closer to developing a more effective treatment option for patients.

“My favorite part of the Broad is the family-like environment where everyone across a multitude of programs can interact and share ideas with one another and learn from one another,” said Jimmy. His experience has confirmed his desire to pursue a science major in college, and he hopes to pursue a career in scientific research in the future.