Jeremy S.

Jeremy S.
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Cambridge, MA

Michelle Palmer
Associate Director
Therapeutics Platform

Jose Perez
Director, Cell Biology

Matt Coletti
Research Associate I 

Jeremy has always been intrigued by the interactions between organisms and compounds, and was inspired by his high school teachers to pursue his interest in biology. By spending a summer at the Broad Institute, Jeremy hoped to understand more about the methodology behind the science he was learning about in class.

He spent his summer researching a gene called TERT, which signals the production of telomerase, an enzyme that prolongs cell life and is present in 85% of cancerous cells. His goal was to find effective inhibitors for this enzyme by localizing telomerase activity and quantifying the amount of protein present in cancerous cells. Jeremy is interested in pursuing a career in medicine or biochemistry and felt that his project provided him with an authentic experience of working in a lab and conducting hands-on experiments.