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Jason D. Buenrostro

Jason D. Buenrostro, Ph.D.

Jason Buenrostro is an associate member of the Broad Institute, and an assistant professor in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University. He was formerly a fellow in the Broad Fellows program at the Broad, and a junior fellow at the Harvard University Society of Fellows.

At the Broad Institute, Buenrostro developed new methods for understanding gene regulation within complex human tissues. To do this, the Buenrostro lab integrated approaches across molecular biology, microscopy, and large-scale bioinformatics to reveal new insights into the regulatory diversity of single cells within healthy and diseased tissues. The Broad Fellows program uniquely empowered Buenrostro to pursue new and innovative avenues of research with financial support and intellectual independence. The program also facilitates outstanding mentorship by senior Broad members, an invaluable resource as fellows begin their independent careers. All together, the Broad Institute and Broad Fellows program provides a unique research environment empowering young scientists for high-impact scientific discovery.

Buenrostro earned a B.S. in general engineering and a B.S. in biology at Santa Clara University. He did his doctoral work at the Stanford University Department of Genetics. At Stanford University he developed new high-throughput genomics methods for enabling a quantitative understanding of gene regulation.

November 2018