Brookline High School
Brookline, MA 

Elizabeth Stover
Cancer Program

Felice decided to apply to the Broad Summer Scholars Program because the institue’s work overlapped largely with the areas of biology she was interested in. She felt it would be a perfect opportunity to learn more about a specific area in biology from leading scientists in the field and to gain insight into what a career in science might look like.

Working in the Broad’s cancer program, Felice helped investigate how different combinations and concentrations of drugs used to treat late-stage ovarian cancer affected the viability of cancer cells. She also collected data about how those drug combinations impacted their efficacy in terms of whether they would enhance or inhibit each other.

Felice enjoyed interacting with the Broad community, whom she felt was friendly, energetic, tight-knit, and passionate about their work. Her experience also strongly influenced her goals for the future. “I knew I wanted to go into science, but this summer experience cemented this decision and stimulated my interest in biology specifically. I think the major I will end up choosing in college, and possibly my career path, will have strong roots in this program,” said Felice.