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Deanna Brockman


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Deanna Brockman, M.S., L.C.G.C.

Deanna Brockman, M.S., L.C.G.C., is the lead research genetic counselor in the Center for Genomic Medicine and Preventive Genomics Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital — a new clinic aiming to empower patients to better understand, predict, and prevent disease using genetic information. In this role, she is a liaison between MGH and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where she helped to establish a pipeline for clinical whole genome sequencing at MGH, and where she now assists with initiatives to evaluate the utility of preventive genomic medicine and drives research efforts to assess the impact of returning polygenic scores. Brockman also works closely with the Pattern data visualization team at the Broad to create digital polygenic score risk communication tools for patients and clinicians.  

Brockman holds an M.S. in genetic counseling from Boston University School of Medicine and a B.S. in biology from the State University of New York at Geneseo.

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January 2021