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David Root

David Root, Ph.D.

David Root is director of the Genetic Perturbation Platform and The RNAi Consortium (TRC) at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He oversees the platform's work to apply RNAi to gene function discovery, including dozens of genetic screen projects with researchers in the Broad community. In parallel, he guides TRC research and development, which innovates and builds new strategies and tools for functional genetics, such as TRC's widely used genome-wide mammalian RNAi libraries, overexpression libraries, and new tools to modify the genome such as CRISPR/Cas.

Root was formerly assistant professor of physical chemistry at Swarthmore College, and then transitioned into biological research with postdoctoral work in Brent Stockwell's laboratory at the Whitehead Institute.

Root received his B.A. in chemistry from Swarthmore College and Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Stanford University.

May 2015