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Daniel Neafsey


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Daniel Neafsey, Ph.D.

Daniel Neafsey joined the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in 2004 and is now associate director of the Broad Institute’s Genomic Center for Infectious Diseases in the Infectious Disease and Microbiome Program, where he leads a group focusing on the genomics of malaria parasites and mosquito vectors. In 2017 Neafsey was appointed as an institute scientist at the Broad, where he is now an associate member, and as an assistant professor of immunology and infectious disease at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is excited by the potential for new technology and information types to turn the tide against diseases like malaria.

Neafsey’s current projects involve the application of comparative genomic and population genetic analyses to Plasmodium malaria parasites and Anopheles mosquitoes to study population structure, natural selection, and genomic factors underlying parasite and vector phenotypes that impact public health. Neafsey’s interests also include the use of pathogen polymorphism data to inform vaccine design and understand vaccine efficacy, analysis of drug resistance mechanisms and evolution, the use of clinical genotyping data to interpret disease transmission dynamics, and the development of new genomic protocols and informatics tools to address key questions in infectious disease and global health.

Before joining the Broad, Neafsey received his bachelor’s degree at Loyola University Chicago and completed his Ph.D. at Harvard University. He received the Broad’s inaugural Excellence Award in Science/Engineering in 2013.

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February 2018