Cotton Seed

Cotton Seed, Ph.D.

Cotton Seed

Cotton Seed is a software engineer, mathematician, and institute scientist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He co-founded and is senior director of the Hail project ( in institute member Ben Neale's lab, a scalable, open-source framework designed to empower biologists to harness the flood of sequence data to uncover genetic mechanisms of disease. Together with institute scientist Jon Bloom, Seed recently formed the Initiative in Scalable Analytics to grow the Hail project within and beyond genetics to reduce the latency of computational experiments in biomedical research.

Before joining the Broad, Seed conducted research in knot theory and low-dimensional topology as a postdoctoral associate in mathematics at MIT. Before going into mathematics, Seed worked in the software industry, primarily in the area of software development tools and high-performance computing. Seed holds 10 patents in the area of compiler technology.

Seed received his B.S. in mathematics from MIT and his Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University.

October 2023