Wellesley High School
Wellesley, MA

Tamara Ouspenskaia
Regev Lab

Cancer cells undergo dramatic changes in gene expression, both on the level of transcription and translation. Ribosome profiling (Ribo-seq) identifies the mRNAs that are being actively translated, and sequences the fragments of the mRNA that are protected by the ribosome. Ribo-seq has revealed the existence of unannotated open reading frames (uORFs) that are expressed and translated in various tissues. Christie sought to identify uORFs in melanoma patient samples using ribosome profiling. Christie’s work has laid the ground work for further exploration of the role that uORFs play in cancer. 

"I have loved every moment at the Broad, from working with state-of-the-art equipment and utilizing a vast array of facilities to meeting like-minded, passionate students and learning from a mentor conducting cutting-edge research. I came to the Broad unsure of what a biomedical job would even look like, and I am leaving (for now!) with the determination to pursue a PhD in a biology field. I love working in the lab, and I have seen six weeks worth of what a job at a research institution might feel like day to day. Working on my own project with the guidance of a fantastic mentor has greatly helped me understand the research process and the organization, collaboration, and resilience it entails," said Christie.