Montgomery Blair High School
Silver Spring, MD 

Alon Goren
Broad Technology Labs

Cathy was exposed to science at a young age by her mother who worked as a biochemist. She was excited for the opportunity to explore a new field of research this summer and to meet scientists with a variety of backgrounds working in biomedical science. Cathy worked in the Goren Group at the Broad Technology Labs to optimize a technology called ChIP-seq, used for mapping protein distribution across the genome. Her goal was to improve the quality and reproducibility of ChIP-seq data through modular automation and evaluating the effectiveness of using monoclonal antibodies as substitutes for polyclonals.

Cathy really enjoyed the overall atmosphere at the Broad. She felt that her colleagues were extremely welcoming and encouraged her to ask questions. Although she has always been generally interested in the sciences, Cathy felt that her experience helped solidify her career aspirations. “I think that my experience at the Broad has really helped me focus on particular topics that I might like to pursue in the future,” said Cathy.