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Caroline Herndon


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Caroline Herndon, Ph.D.

Caroline Herndon works as a research scientist in the Program in Medical and Population Genetics of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Her research is part of the Broad–Bayer Collaboration. Her goal is to use large sets of genetic data to identify and validate novel therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Prior to joining the Broad Institute in September 2015, Herndon was a postdoctoral fellow in immunology at Harvard University/Boston Children’s Hospital studying cell migration patterns between the respiratory tract and draining lymph nodes and the role of complement in bridging the innate and adaptive immune systems during influenza infection. She was awarded an American Lung Association senior research training fellowship grant in 2012.

Herndon holds a Ph.D. in Veterinary Science from Washington State University and a B.S. in biology and psychology from Syracuse University.

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