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Carolina Wählby


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Carolina Wählby, Ph.D.

Carolina Wählby is a computational biologist in the Imaging Platform at the Broad Institute. She develops computer programs known as algorithms to determine the phenotype, or observable traits like shape, of organisms in images used in high-throughput chemical and genetic screening. Wählby is the principal investigator for a project focused on screens using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans, a roundworm. She and her colleagues use this 1-millimeter-long worm to search for new anti-infective therapies and genes involved in fat metabolism.

Before joining the Broad in May 2009, Wählby earned her M.Sc. in molecular biotechnology at Uppsala University in Sweden and her Ph.D. in computerized image analysis at Uppsala’s Centre for Image Analysis, where she was later appointed as an assistant professor in digital image analysis. She completed postdoctoral research in Uppsala’s Department of Genetics and Pathology. In addition to her role at the Broad, she currently holds a part-time appointment as an associate professor in quantitative microscopy at Uppsala.

April 2012