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Career Profile: Roeshana Moore-Evans

Career Profile: Roeshana Moore-Evans

As Onboarding Program Manager, Roeshana Moore-Evans helps new Broad employees integrate into the organization. She believes that we all play a part in the success of the Broad, which is what drew her to this role. She hypothesizes that in order for new employees to be successful, they must have a few key components: a positive first day experience, meaningful work relationships, clarity on their role and job expectations, accessibility to resources needed to perform their job, and a connection to the culture and community.

Before transitioning into this role, Roeshana was a research administrator in the Broad’s Finance group. Career development resources offered by the Broad’s People Development team helped her articulate her strengths and empowered her to pursue a position in a new field.

Roeshana co-chairs the Shades@Broad affinity group, which is open to all Broadies who support an inclusive environment for ethnic minorities. Being in this group has allowed her to build relationships throughout Broad, as well as learn how people’s life experiences have helped form their perspectives, which is something that interests her.

Roeshana’s role model is Michelle Obama, a confident, inspiring, graceful, respectable, bold leader who makes being a phenomenal woman look easy, as she balances her family priorities and her outstanding public presence. Roeshana is also a proud mother who describes her daughter as a wonderful human being. She’s pleased with the foundation she’s set for her daughter to be successful, and shares with her an ambitious personal and professional motto that has guided Roeshana in her own career: “Trying is lying! Get it done!”

Outside of work, Roeshana enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and daughter. The family loves playing badminton and tennis, attending Broadway shows, throwing indoor dance parties, and riding bikes, especially along the Charles River. They also love traveling to different places and trying new restaurants.