Bernd Haussmann

Bernd Haussmann, the Broad Institute's third artist-in-residence, describes his work as “environmental art.” Through his artistic practice, he seeks to explore subjective environments, and to test “how the spiritual, material, cultural, and natural environments influence those subjective environments and vice versa; if and how they meet, connect or overlap; and if and how [his] art can become a connector and stimulate interaction.”

While Haussmann was at the Broad, he worked on several pieces including The Nucleus Project, a series of 45 photo-based diptychs which juxtapose historical scientific equipment and laboratories with images from around the Broad. Haussmann wrote, “In juxtaposing images of the old with the new in form of diptychs I am building new connections, hoping to create a stimulating dialogue not only within the scientific community but also within a broader audience.”

View the projects Haussmann completed at Broad or visit Bernd Haussmann Studios on Facebook, or for more information on his work. He also invites questions and feedback by email.

June 2016