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Bang Wong


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Bang Wong, M.S., M.A.

Bang Wong is creative director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard working under the direction of Todd Golub, chief scientific officer and director of the Cancer Program. His work focuses on the effective exploration, communication, and presentation of complex data. Together with Noam Shoresh, they lead the Vis Skunkworks, a data visualization initiative at the Broad Institute.

Wong is the founding author of Points of View, a monthly article published by Nature Methods that deals with the fundamental aspects of data presentation. He also organizes international meeting series in Visualizing Biological Data. Beyond his role at the Broad Institute, Wong is affiliated with the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as an adjunct assistant professor.

Prior to joining the Broad Institute, Wong was the principal at the design consultancy ClearScience. He is a National Academy Kavli Fellow and holds a M.S. in immunology and an M.A. in medical and biological illustration, both from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Full CV

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