Amy Deik

Amy Deik, B.A.

Amy Deik

Amy Deik is a research scientist II and laboratory manager in the Metabolomics Platform at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where she works under the direction of Clary Clish using high-resolution, accurate-mass mass spectrometers to detect hundreds of lipid species in a variety of biofluids, from plasma to extracted cells to homogenized livers. Working in collaboration with physicians and researchers from across the world, she has worked on projects large and small in diseases as common as diabetes and as rare as lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare lung disease in women. Most recently, she has been fascinated by projects associated with health and disease as it relates to the gut microbiome.

Prior to joining the Broad Institute in 2009, Deik worked for five years genetically engineering trees for a paper company, followed by five years at a start-up working with amplifying RNA in a linear fashion, then three years in biotech doing drug-repositioning.

Deik holds a B.A. in botany from Connecticut College.

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April 2023