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Amrita Sule

Ganesa S, Sule A, Sundaram RK, Bindra RS.. Mismatch repair proteins play a role in ATR activation upon temozolomide treatment in MGMT-methylated glioblastoma. Sci Rep. 2022;12(1):5827. Published 2022 Apr 6. doi:10.1038/s41598-022-09614-x. PMID: 35388070; PMCID: PMC8987098.

Sule A, Van Doorn J, Sundaram RK, Ganesa S, Vasquez JC, Bindra RS. Targeting IDH1/2 mutant cancers with combinations of ATR and PARP inhibitors. NAR Cancer. 2021;3(2):zcab018. Published 2021 May 17. doi:10.1093/narcan/zcab018. PMID: 34027408; PMCID: PMC8127964.

Amrita Sule, Ph.D.

Amrita Sule is a research scientist I in Kristin Ardlie’s group in the Gene Regulation Observatory of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She joined the Broad in November of 2021. She works on the Developmental GTEx project, an extension of the GTEx project which aims to understand gene expression similarities and contrasts during human developmental stages in multiple reference tissues.

Sule was awarded the AACR-AstraZeneca START grant to investigate drug combinations to target oncometabolite-producing tumors during her postdoctoral studies.

Sule received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in life sciences from University of Mumbai, India. She obtained her Ph.D from Virginia Commonwealth University in molecular biology and biochemistry from Kristoffer Valerie’s lab. Her doctoral work focused on DNA damage response signaling focusing on the role of ATM kinase and protein phosphatase 2A in response to ionizing radiation. She then moved to Yale University as a postdoctoral associate in Ranjit Bindra’s lab where she worked on identifying combination DNA repair inhibitors and DNA damaging agents to target solid tumors.