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Amer-Denis Akkad

Amer-Denis Akkad, Ph.D.

Amer-Denis Akkad is a director and senior research scientist II at the Joint PCL initiative between the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Bayer. As a Bayer employee he joined the initiative with the aim to leverage single cell omics data for better disease understanding and drug-target identification.

Before joining the PCL, Akkad worked since 2015 as a laboratory head in R&D in the department of disease genomics at Bayer, with a focus on project lead/management and target identification in early drug discovery guided by genetic data. 

Akkad received his diploma in biochemistry from the Ruhr-University of Bochum, his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the International Graduate School of Neuroscience, and the degree as a European registered Clinical Laboratory Geneticist.

September 2021