Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical Vocational School
Taunton, MA

Gabriela Carrillo
Data Science Platform

Terra is a cloud-based platform that many scientists both at the Broad Institute and worldwide can use to store and analyze complex data and run simulations on a common system architecture. This is important, because it it allows scientists to write code for the analysis of complex genomic datasets on one machine, and have it run with no problems on a separate machine halfway across the world. Terra contains a large number of different computing environments that users can choose to provide the best fit for the code they are working on. Adryanne’s project involved updating the user interface of Terra so that scientists running older software could more easily identify outdated legacy environments, so that they can plan their use of Terra accordingly. Working with her partner Kelin, Adryanne implemented a modern X.X.X versioning system for these legacy images, creating a more robust user interface. Adryanne’s favorite part of BSSP was the overwhelming amount of support she got from her mentors and other scientists at the Broad: “No one here treats you like a kid, but rather a part of the scientific community.” The program opened her eyes to how biology can show up in practice in different forms.