The Roxbury Latin School
West Roxbury, MA

Sara Marlow
Cancer Program

After a previous experience working in a lab setting, Adam wanted to continue exploring what a career in science would be like. He felt that spending a summer at the Broad would provide him with another opportunity to partake in real science, as opposed to more scripted classroom labs.

Adam worked on a project related to ALK, a gene known to be mutated in some cancer cells. Adam’s goal was to demonstrate sensitivity of two ALK-mutated lung cancer cell lines to two ALK inhibiting drugs (ALKi). Using a variety of experimental techniques, he drugged cells with various dilutions of ALKi and analyzed them to observe signaling effects within the cell. Adam hoped to find a cell line that could survive prolonged exposure to ALKi and still produce a signaling effect significant enough to be investigated using further proteomic analysis.

Adam was inspired by the researchers he interacted with on a daily basis. “Everyone here is so energetic, friendly and knowledgeable. It’s really a great environment that fosters mutual learning,” said Adam. After meeting scientists with both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees, Adam is interested in exploring a future career that involves both research and clinical work.