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Artist-in-Residence Program

Lucy Kim


Lucy Kim is a visual artist working in painting, sculpture, and biological media. Her work explores visual mechanisms, such as distortion and projection, that are involved in the transition from...

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Naoe Suzuki


Naoe Suzuki, Broad’s fifth artist-in-residence, is not a scientist, but her approach to art is scientific in that it incorporates periods of deep observation, data gathering, research and experimentation...

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Maskull Lasserre

Maskull Lasserre was artist-in-residence at the Broad Institute in 2014-2015. Lasserre came to Broad via Canada, where his work is represented in the collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Government of Canada, and the Royal Bank....

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Bernd Haussmann

Bernd Haussmann, the Broad's third artist-in-residence, describes his work as "environmental art." Through his artistic practice, he seeks to explore subjective environments and to test "how the spiritual, material, cultural, and natural environments influence...

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Gupi Ranganathan

Gupi Ranganathan completed her two-year residency at the Broad in 2011. At the end of her stay, she exhibited "Unfolding," a collection that used video, paintings, prints, and wire sculpture to explore the process of the genome unfolding and life unfolding...

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Daniel Kohn

Daniel Kohn was the Broad’s founding artist-in-residence. Following an invitation from Broad chief scientific officer Todd Golub, he returned in 2012 and created “Instance of a visual dataset,” as part of the Broad Creative year-long celebration of art and science...

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