Merkin Fellows Program

The Merkin Institute Fellows program at the Broad Institute, funded by Dr. Richard Merkin, supports promising, innovative scientists at the Broad who are developing new technologies or methods with the potential to drastically transform and accelerate progress in the research community. The Merkin Fellowship recognizes not only an awardee’s current research but also its potential, with the support of the Fellowship, to evolve in exciting new directions. 

Merkin Institute Fellows receive significant funding to support the pursuit of their research. Fellows may use the funds as they determine, be it for salaries, lab costs, research expenses, or something else related to the advancement of their projects. An expectation, but not an obligation, is that funds from the Fellowship will nurture research to a point where it can subsequently attract funding from federal grants or other philanthropic sources.

Fellowship appointments are for one year. For more information, scientists and researchers may contact


2021–2022 Fellows

Bridget Wagner
Xiao Wang

2020–2021 Fellows

Fei Chen
Evan Macosko

2019–2020 Fellows

Brian Cleary
Amit Khera

2018–2019 Fellows

Anne Carpenter
J.T. Neal

2017–2018 Fellows

Martin Aryee
Oliver Jonas

2016–2017 Fellows

Wendy Garrett
Mario Suvá

2015–2016 Fellows

Paola Arlotta
Beth Stevens

2014–2015 Fellows

Cigall Kadoch
Kevin Eggan

2013–2014 Fellows

Sangeeta Bhatia
John Doench
Angela Koehler

2012–2013 Fellows

Feng Zhang
Jesse Boehm